Bel Air Smoothing Shampoo + Anti-Oxidant Complex


Keep it luxe with BEL AIR. This cleanser is enhanced with powerful smoothing properties specifically designed to lock in a seriously silky overall look and feel.

Good For: Smoothing and moisturizing straight hair.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free


Who's It For?

Enhanced with powerful smoothing properties.

How It Works:


  • Artichoke Extract (Anti-Oxidant), protects hair and scalp from free radicals and UV rays. Packed with minerals that revitalize dry, damaged hair.
  • Plum Seed Oil, promotes an optimal scalp environment for stronger, thicker hair.
  • Broccoli Seed Oil, conditions hair and leaves hair smooth and glossy.</p>
  • Okra Seed Extract, moisturizes hair and scalp and leaves hair feeling soft. Promotes optimal scalp environment.


How To Use It:

Apply a small amount of Bel Air Shampoo to the middle of your hair and work through to the roots and ends. Follow with Bel Air Conditioner for even smoother, straighter hair.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 oz