Heatless Summer Hairstyles

Jul 10, 2020 | DIY Beauty, Hair & Beauty Services, Hair & Skin Health | 0 comments

Summer is officially here and it is hot and sunny here in SoCal!

When the temps are up, the last thing you want to do is spend time adding more heat to your hair. Summer is for air-dry waves, easy and free hairstyles, and a break from the heat (at least for your hair). 

Some ways to keep your hair soft and healthy while taking a break from heat styles is to take a look at your products. Sulfate-free shampoo like R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner like R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Conditioner are both formulated to repair dry, damaged, or moisture-deprived hair. So…all of us in the summer. 

For extra self-hair-care, we highly recommend using R+Co Sun Catcher Power C Boosting Leavin-In Conditioner. It is a summer MUST HAVE. 

Here are a few of our favorite hairstyles to try out while you are living your best life sans-styling tools. 


The topknot bun is such an easy way to pull your hair up off your neck and to stay cool. You can keep it casual or glam it up. We recommend first adding some dry shampoo to get the texture that you want to add volume and extend your style. We love Davines Hair Refresher; it gives immediate body and has a light airy scent. 

Get the Look: To make a ponytail, simply grab an elastic hair tie and secure all of your hair inside it. (You can probably do this in your sleep.) Then twist the hair and secure with bobby pins, tucking them under your bun. You can also do a loose messy bun by looping your hair once while tying it into the pony. You’ve got options. 

Half-up, Half-down

A stylish option for keeping your hair out of your eyes while giving an effortless look is the half-up, half-down. With this style, you can change it up in many different ways by adding braids, accessories, a scarf, or a mini bun. Even changing where you part your hair gives so many options to spice up this look. 

Get the look: Simply section your hair above your ears and tie with a small elastic band. Clear works best for light-colored hair. Form there you can braid it into a loose braid, tuck it up and under or make a loose knot. The possibilities are endless.

Mini Knot

The mini knot is a variation of the half-up, half-down style but using a smaller section of hair and tying that knot right up on top of your head.

Get the look: First, add some hairspray for volume and hold like Davines Medium Hairspray, which also eliminates frizz and adds structure to your strands. Section your hair high above the ears and tie it in a high half-up pony and secure with a small elastic hair tie. Then, twist the hair and secure with a bobby pin or two, depending on how thick your hair is. Tousle it a little if you want that messy vibe.

Classic Pony with a Twist

The last one is a classic. The simple ponytail never goes out of style and transitions from ultra-casual to cocktail attire in seconds. By wrapping a strand of hair around the base of your pony, you can add interest and sophistication in the easiest way possible. 

Get the look: To make a ponytail, simply grab an elastic hair tie and secure all of your hair inside it. (I think we all have this down by now.) Section out a one-inch strand from your pony and wrap the hair around the hair elastic until you reach the end of your hair and secure with a bobby pin or tuck into the elastic. 

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